by Morna Gillespie

There is a famous hymn that speaks of Christ during life’s troubles. The first verse goes like this: Will your anchor hold in the storms of life? When the clouds unfold their wings of strife? When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain, Will your anchor drift or firm remain? Morna Gillespie encourages us […]

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Letter writing has become less common with the introduction of text messages, emails and social media. Yet a hand-written letter can convey intimacy and personality; aesthetics that technology can fail to communicate. In like manner, believers are handwritten letters from Christ to the world. The way in which we can communicate the personality and love […]

by Diane Watson

The world is getting very dark. Ungodliness is growing exponentially, and we see how the newspapers, TV and the internet enforce this truth. It seems that Satan has free reign in the world. The most alarming thing, however, is that the Church (God’s only contingency plan) is largely asleep! In the Old Testament, The Lord […]

by Ken Symington

Walls, fences and hedges are useful in establishing clear boundary lines and protecting the residents within. Similarly, the Bible is full of boundary lines. God’s boundaries were intended to set His people apart as a holy nation and also to protect from the dangers of sin. Ken Symington draws parallels from Nehemiah and the broken […]

by Jen Perdriau

When you were a child did you go to the circus? Did you play make-believe? There is a part of all of us that enjoys a spectacle and a show, and appreciates a great performance. As we grow up we tend to put away the make-believe, but do we still perform for the world around […]

by Morna Gillespie

The Bible warns us that this world is no safe haven, and we shouldn’t get too comfortable in it. Conflicting distractions and powerful temptations can be just a few ways the enemy will catch us off guard and cause us to stumble. Morna Gillespie unpacks Psalm 5, and shows us how the very righteousness of […]

by Paul Watson

Are you a people pleaser? Can you say ‘No’ to others? Where does this idea of people pleasing come from, and why do we do it? The truth is when we run around trying to please everybody, we end up pleasing nobody. We are called to live for God and please Him, and only in […]

by Ken Symington

‘For no one can a lay a Foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ’ 1 Corinthians 3:11. In an age of liberal theology and the increase of compromise in the Church, Ken Symington brings a personal testimony that reflects the necessity of building the Church of God on the instructions and […]

by Gary Gallagher

The enemy often baits us to take offense and many of us bite and fall into unforgiveness and bitterness. Gary Gallagher teaches from 1 Peter 2, and about how believers can have the mind of Christ even when suffering for doing good.

by Alistair Petrie

With the world’s economic uncertainties, political tensions, and increasing immorality, how important is it for believers to make right choices? Is the church negotiating what should be non-negotiable, or is it being salt and light in a dark and hostile world? Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie delivers a challenging message on the need for spiritual reform […]