by Jill Southern-Jones

Every believer has a heavenly bank account, one of the benefits of being a son and heir of God. These benefits are not financially based or guarantees for easy living; they are the spiritual benefits of being in Christ. The question is, how often do we make withdrawals? In Ephesians 1, Paul lists the amazing […]

by Paul Watson

Do you still struggle with guilt and shame? All people sin, and we all fall short of God’s standard. Many of us identify with the Apostle Paul when he speaks of the struggle between the flesh and the spirit: wanting to do the right thing, but not being able to. Thanks to Jesus, we can […]

by David Steele

Have you ever felt that God’s call on your life is greater than can be achieved in your natural ability? David shares that if we combine faith and humility in each circumstance of life, God will supply the power we need, and He will be glorified!

by Jill Southern-Jones

Isn’t it wonderful that even when you think you’ve totally blown it, God is prepared to give you a second chance? Be encouraged and challenged by this message, based on the story of Jonah.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Jilly expands on the whole topic of Grace, uncovering more aspects of it and challenging us to learn more about it, and to receive more of God’s unlimited power in our lives. May we entrust ourselves totally to Jesus who alone is able to declare us righteous sons and daughters of the living God, and […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

Have we really understood the fullness of grace? How has grace manifested itself in your life? What does ‘grace’ mean specifically in reality to you? Listen as Jill takes us on a journey through the scriptures and opens up new dimensions of the power of God’s grace that we may not have seen – such […]

by David Cross

Humans all over the world are crying out ‘What about my human rights?’. In this sermon, David Cross (Regional Director of Ellel Ministries Western Europe) challenges us by asking whether or not we really have any human rights. Our ‘human rights’ are said to be ‘inalienable’ – that is that we cannot be separated from […]