by Paul Watson

When things get tough how do you respond? Are you someone who lives by the words ‘dig deep’ or ‘no pain no gain’? The power of positive thinking can only get us so far. It is a human way of being strong, and is only as good as our own human strength and will-power. But […]

by Gary Gallagher

Do we still think carnally? Is our Christian walk characterised by a constant struggle with sin and temptation that seems to have no end? ‘Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.’ Rom 8:8 ‘If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the […]

by David Steele

“The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.” 1 Cor4:20 When we think about becoming more like Jesus, we often think about it in terms of becoming more Christ-like in character. But do you think that we were meant to also DO the things that Jesus did? Jesus healed the […]

by Paul Watson

The story of Moses should be an encouragement for those who doubt God’s saving power in the midst of turmoil and confusion.  Just as Moses was drawn from the water by Pharaoh’s daughter, a symbol of salvation and restoration, God will also rescue us in our own crises. Paul Watson draws out some of these […]

by Alistair Petrie

We live in an age of increased animosity, especially towards Christians and the gospel. Hear from Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie about God’s tool for responding to hostility.

by Paul Watson

In this sermon Paul begins to explore the true meaning of, ‘the power of an indestructible life’ and what it is that can bring together the words, ‘indestructible’, ‘life’ and ‘power’.

by Jill Southern-Jones

Our God knows exactly how to expose and defeat every other “god” that opposes Him! The insight and practical application that Jill brings to this well-known bible story is sure to inspire you.

by Jill Southern-Jones

Another inspiring and challenging message from Jill! The Shepherds do not always look after the flock as they should, but the Good Shepherd knows His sheep by name and will Himself rescue His flock.

by Murray Dixon

If you’ve ever had a blood transfusion, you may have received a bit more than you bargained for as Murray explains at the beginning of this message. He then unpacks some incredible facts about blood before going on to highlight the magnificent power of the blood of the one who shed His blood for us. […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

Jill speaks about what an incredible miracle it was when the walls fell flat in Jericho and how wonderful it is that Joshua’s God is also our God! May you see His spectacular victory in your life as you follow His guidance on how to bring down anything and everything that stands in the way […]