Before you submit your application form, please make sure that you read and agree with our Statement of Faith and Terms & Conditions.

Basis of Faith

  • God is a Trinity.
  • God the Father loves all people.
  • God the Son, Jesus Christ, is Saviour and Healer, Lord and King.
  • God the Holy Spirit indwells Christians and imparts the dynamic power by which they are enabled to continue Christ’s ministry.
  • The Bible is the divinely inspired authority in matters of faith, doctrine and conduct, and is the basis for teaching.


Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right not to accept your application.
  • Application Fee Refund Policy: The Application Fee is non-refundable in all circumstances.
  • Accommodation: We cannot guarantee that you will be assigned the accommodation that you have requested. If the accommodation you have requested is not available, we will contact you to discuss other options. You will only be charged for the accommodation you have actually been assigned.
  • Use of Electronic Equipment: Please note that guests using any of their own portable electronic devices, including items such as lap top computers, chargers and hair dryers, do so entirely at their own risk. Ellel Ministries will not in any way be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to, or injury or damage resulting from, the use of such items. The electricity supply in the UK runs at 230 volts. Please note that we do not allow the use of personal heaters at Pierrepont.
  • Dietary restrictions: Please note that we cannot cater for special dietary requirements at Pierrepont (e.g. diabetic, gluten free, vegetarian). If you do have specific dietary needs, then you will need to be prepared to make your own arrangements to supplement your meals. We cannot guarantee access to a kitchen.
  • Evaluation: Ellel Ministries has an obligation to both the individual and the community as a whole.  Should anyone’s actions or responses become a disruption to either the training programme or community life, then, for the sake of the community, Ellel Ministries reserves the right to ask that person to leave Pierrepont.  Furthermore, if Pierrepont Leadership in its reasonable discretion considers that it would not be of benefit for a person to continue their NETS journey for any reason, we reserve the right to ask the person to leave.
  • Continuing onto the next stage of NETS: If your application is successful, you will be accepted onto the stage of NETS which you have applied for. For those who wish to continue onto subsequent stages of NETS, the suitability of continuing forward will be assessed for each trainee.You may be required to leave Pierrepont and return home if you lie, deceive, or otherwise fail to disclose any information in this application which we may deem to be relevant for any reason whatsoever.
  • Discontinuation: Where a NETS trainee is requested by Pierrepont Leadership to leave, any refunds shall be considered on a case-by-case basis and shall in no event exceed a pro-rata discount based on the number of weeks remaining for the NETS stage.