What exactly is NETS and who is it for?

Nets is Ellel’s longest training programme running for 12 months. The programme is divided into 4 stages of 10 weeks each, beginning twice a year in both April and October. Each stage builds on the previous stages, content and experiences, resulting in a well-rounded and comprehensive programme covering all of Ellel’s content and teachings.

Stage 1 of NETS is the equivalent to the following courses:

  • 9 week Flagship course currently run at Ellel Grange
  • Explore A and B
  • Modular Schools A and B

Stage 2, 3 and 4 are not repeated anywhere else in the Ellel world, and are unique in the package that they present.

NETS is far more than just a ministry school.

The journey of NETS is actually about exploring the fullness of God and His heart for healing, wholeness and freedom as we discover who God made us each uniquely to be.

The NETS brochure gives details of the content of the programme and explains the ‘Hear-See-Do’ approach we have adopted. Not surprisingly, this has proven to be a highly valuable teaching model as this is how Jesus taught His disciples in the Gospels. Each Stage of NETS continues to build on the foundations established in previous topics, resulting in a multi-faceted understanding of God, the spiritual and physical world in which we live and our responses to both. Testimonies of previous trainees continually speak of the transformation in their personal lives and consequently in their service for God, both during and following the programme.

NETS seeks to impart the truth of the Word of God in such a way that it can be understood in our minds and embedded in our hearts. NETS is about letting the anointing of God outwork in our lives. It provides a unique opportunity to go deeper with God and to know Him better.

Many testify to Pierrepont being a safe place that feels like home. They feel understood, loved, and accepted whilst living out Christianity alongside other like-minded brothers and sisters. There may also be challenges, but with them comes encouragement and unconditional love.

NETS is similar to a bible college, in that we believe strongly in the truth of the Word of God and all our teaching is bible based. However the aim of NETS is not only to ‘learn about’ the Word of God, but to also discover what it means to live in relationship The Word Himself.

NETS is a life transforming ministry training programme, where people regularly testify that their lives will “never be the same again”. 

NETS is not a theological college, but we seek to explore how God’s Word applies to our lives today. All the teachers bring clear biblical foundations to every area studied including considerable attention to the foundations of our faith. There are over 25 different teachers on a typical NETS programme, and this adds to its richness.

There is no educational or ‘spiritual’ qualifications required to join NETS.

NETS is for all born-again believers who love Jesus and have a heart to serve Him and others, following Jesus’ great commission (Matt. 28).

NETS will not provide you with any ‘formal’ qualification.

However, we believe that God himself qualifies those He calls. You will often hear our founding Centre Director Jill Southern saying “God doesn’t necessarily call the qualified, but He certainly qualifies the called”. NETS seeks to train and equip you to go into all the nations and do as Jesus did.  With each stage all residential trainees will gain a certificate of completion, but more importantly, we trust you will be more equipped to fulfil the call of God on your life.

Simple answer- no!

Each new NETS group contains a thorough cross section of society. Some will be pastors and leaders or already actively involved within their churches, but many are not. Some of our trainees will be retired, while others are just starting out their adult lives. Some will be taking a pause in life’s busyness to hear from the Lord, and others are wanting to know Jesus in deeper more intimate ways.

NETS is for anyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus and earnestly desires a greater depth in their relationship with God. It is for those who want to be walking in God’s unique calling and purposes for their life, no matter what their age or position in life, and are ready to find out what that is

On NETS, mature believers study, minister and fellowship alongside those who are comparatively young in their faith. Maturity isn’t the gauge as to whether NETS is for you, but rather whether your heart’s desire is to know God more deeply and truly, and consequently to learn who you are in Him.

In our experience we have seen each person receive richly from the Lord as they open their heart to Him. New Christians have found NETS the ideal place to  gain firm foundations whilst more mature Christians have welcomed the indepth understanding of the Word of God and the impartation of vital keys helping them be more effective in their ministry.

It is preferable for trainees to be a member of a church and to come with their church’s blessing. However, we recognise that in some circumstances there may be legitimate reasons why someone is not currently within a church family. Consequently, every application is assessed individually. 

If you are born-again and have a heart to walk in obedience to God, worshipping Him and seeking to do His will, then you are definitely ‘spiritually qualified’ to do NETS! 

Each NETS group comprises down-to-earth spirit-filled evangelical Christians from many denominational backgrounds. Pierrepont is a place for spiritual growth and maturity for everyone. It has been said that NETS stands for ‘Never Ever The Same!’

What is too old?! Anyone of 18 or over is eligible to apply to attend NETS and there is no upper age limit! 

God has a destiny and purpose for each one of us. One of the amazing dynamics of every NETS programme is the fantastic variety of nations, cultures, backgrounds and ages represented. The old and young benefit and learn from one another and each person brings a special contribution to NETS that only they can bring. If you feel God is calling you to be equipped to serve Him then you are not too old or too young to attend NETS. If you are concerned as to whether you can keep up the daily timetable, why not talk to us regarding your personal situation and see if we can help.

What will I gain from attending NETS?

If you are uncertain of your future and asking “What next Lord?”, then you will be in good company on NETS!

Many attend NETS seeking God’s direction and guidance for their next steps in God. Experience has shown that as trainees move through the programme of teaching and ministry they start to discover and walk in God’s unique call and destiny.

The practical component of the programme is a fundamental part of NETS journey. Just as you won’t learn how to drive a car sitting in the passenger seat, so it is vital to put in to practice what you have learnt! Hence the ‘Hear-See-Do’ approach.

Stage 1 introduces opportunities to pray for one another in group work and workshops, and to pray alongside our ministry team for people coming to Pierrepont for prayer. In Stage 2 there are opportunities to minister to visitors on the Healing Retreats under the supervision of our Ministry Team. Additionally, you can pray alongside the Ministry Team at Healing Services and during prayer ministry times on teaching courses. 

Stage 3 and 4 widen the practical opportunities and investigate what it’s like to be an integral part of our courses, church visits, and mission trips. The practical component provides an opportunity to put into practise all that has been learned over Stages 1 and 2. You will be encouraged and equipped in your specific calling as you discover what God is calling you to next. There will be specific opportunities in the areas of leadership, running ministry events, and deeper insights into specific areas of ministry. 

The primary purpose of NETS is to help people discover their unique identity in Christ, so that they are trained and equipped to help the body of Christ grow.  A major component of our growth must include the opportunity to receive personal ministry. This first-hand experience teaches the value of asking God into all areas of our lives, as we seeing healing a release in all areas of our walk.

We all have aspects of our past where God longs to bring His healing touch. It is through receiving healing that God liberates us from our past, so that we can walk securely in His Kingdom purposes for our future. Therefore, there are opportunities to receive prayer ministry and apply the teaching personally in your own life. 

Every trainee is offered a Healing Retreat and many of the teaching units include a time of personal ministry. It is important to note that NETS is not for those who have significant unhealed areas in their lives. 

There is no formal homework, assessments or exams. Sometimes teachers suggest ideas for personal application and further study. We would recommend taking time out for assimilation on a regular basis.

Throughout the entirety of NETS, teachers give regular opportunities for questions and responses to content taught and group work, practical work and discussions are a regular part of the teaching programme.

With the change of focus on Stages 3 & 4, the teaching style becomes much more tutorial focused, and the student-teacher interactions are increasingly discussion, questioning, group work focused. This allows for a more personalised processing of content relevant to each person’s growth and development areas. Throughout the entire NETS programme, each residential trainee is able to participate in weekly one-on-one mentoring.

All trainees will be assigned a mentor who they will meet with weekly. If any problems arise that need attention outside of your mentoring times then the NETS hosts, are there to help and encourage every day, providing pastoral support as and when needed. Additionally, the NETS office team are on hand during the day to sort out all practical problems.

Practical Considerations

NETS is a full-time training programme that runs 5 days a week. It is not possible to work at Pierrepont as a means of ‘paying’ the programme fees.

Yes, we have had many non-residential trainees attend NETS.

It is, however, fair to say that there is something very special about staying at Pierrepont during the programme. Many residential trainees find it of great benefit to remove themselves from their normal domestic routines and work responsibilities. Residential trainees also enjoy times of rich fellowship and fun together in the evenings and on weekends off.

We do not recommend residential trainees working in addition to attending NETS. This is God’s time for you to receive from Him and we strongly advise taking a break from work related commitments. Due to the nature of the timetable we cannot guarantee every weekend or evening will be free, and it should be noted that our normal timetable runs from Tuesday through to Saturday. We would strongly encourage those needing extra funding to pray and seek financial support for their time on NETS.

Absolutely. Over recent years we have seen a marked change in the UK weather. Winters (November – February) are milder and summers (May – September) are warmer. All Pierrepont’s buildings have heating during the winter months.

We welcome the opportunity for you to have visitors, especially for trainees who are from abroad. We can arrange Bed & Breakfast and meals in the guest dining room at a very reasonable rate. Please note that this is subject to availability of accommodation and depends on what other courses are taking place.

We do ask that trainees check with the NETS Office before arranging for these visits, as there are times when the NETS timetable is demanding, and we want your NETS experience to be the main focus of your time with us.

Many trainees have come on NETS bringing their families with them. We have a limited number of self-contained family flats available for the duration of the programme. 

For the safety of the children it is a requirement that they are not left unsupervised during the daily NETS class time and regrettably we are not able to provide any crèche or babysitting facilities. Families must bring another adult to care for their children during NETS sessions.

Alternatively, some families have opted for one parent to attend a NETS programme whilst the other cares for the children and then reversing the roles on the following NETS programme, thus staying at Pierrepont for the duration of two programmes. 


Set in 35 acres of beautiful grass and woodland, Pierrepont could be described as a dream location for children who enjoy nature and the countryside. However, as with any open land there are natural hazards such as the River Wey, and it is therefore essential that children are closely supervised for their own safety by their parents or carer whilst playing. 

There is a swimming pool in the summer, tennis courts and ample room for ball games, etc. Locally, there are many attractions and theme parks suitable for children.

Please note that due to the nature of the work that Ellel is involved in, the teaching sessions and meetings are not suitable for children under 18. Consequently, children may not attend NETS teaching or worship. There are occasional worship events and parties to which all the family are welcome.

Parents are responsible for their children’s ongoing education whilst at Pierrepont. Placements at local primary (5-11) and secondary (11-16) state schools are normally possible. The NETS office can provide application details.

Some parents opt to home-school their children and we are happy for this to take place within their accommodation.

Every application form is carefully and confidentially assessed by the NETS department and then the Pierrepont Leadership team. Additionally, we require two references of character and suitability to attend NETS.

Providing we feel you will benefit from NETS and are ready for the challenge, then we  will accept you as soon as possible after receiving your application form, deposit and both references.

Our free conferences also provide a great opportunity  to ask questions and to see for yourself what NETS is like. We run many of these each year, click here for more details.

If you still have unanswered questions regarding NETS, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can call us Mon- Sat, 9am – 5:30pm (UK time)                             on +4 (0) 1252 794 060