NETS is unlike most other ministry training programmes – it combines biblical teaching, practical training, workshops, mentoring, conferences, personal prayer ministry, worship, discipleship, evangelism and much more to bring a rich understanding and experience on which to build a fruitful life of ministry for Jesus Christ.

by Morna Gillespie

After finishing an incredible term of NETS, Ellel have received a lot of powerful testimonies recently. Meanwhile, in the Jewish calendar, the festival of Purim was recently celebrated. To reflect on these encouragements, Morna brings an uplifting message on thankfulness and praise.

by Jen Perdriau

Promises are a very important theme in the Bible, with many people making covenants and statements of intent throughout scripture. But the most important promises to be found come from God. This week, Jen Perdriau takes us through the different promises that God makes in Scripture to his people, distinguishing them from the promises that […]

by Nykolay Zagoruiko

Matthew 7:14 talks about the narrow gates which lead to life. But what does it mean to walk the narrow way? This week, Nykolay takes us through 3 stories within the gospels, exploring different examples of what it means to follow and trust in Jesus.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

This week, Jilly takes us through the story of Gideon shown in Judges 6-8; A story that shows how God is patient and gracious to us, even when we mess up.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Because of what Jesus has done for us, the veil has been torn and we are able to enter into the presence of God. This is a remarkable thing to be treasured, but are we truly entering in? What does this being in God’s presence offer us as believers? Jilly Lyon Taylor looks at Hebrews […]

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

So often we equate prosperity with blessing. The world’s standards tell us that if you’re financially prosperous, physically healthy and socially popular, you are blessed. Yet Jesus shows us from the Sermon on the Mount that the way to blessing lies through adversity. Jilly Lyon Taylor unpacks the Beatitudes from Matthew 5, and explains how […]

by Russ Parker

The word ‘blessing’ has become so common to us that we can take it for granted and not grasp the full richness of its meaning. Do you believe that blessing has the power to change lives and situations? Listen as guest speaker Rev Dr Russ Parker from Acorn Christian Healing Foundation explains the importance and the […]