NETS is unlike most other ministry training programmes – it combines biblical teaching, practical training, workshops, mentoring, conferences, personal prayer ministry, worship, discipleship, evangelism and much more to bring a rich understanding and experience on which to build a fruitful life of ministry for Jesus Christ.

by Jen Perdriau

Promises are a very important theme in the Bible, with many people making covenants and statements of intent throughout scripture. But the most important promises to be found come from God. This week, Jen Perdriau takes us through the different promises that God makes in Scripture to his people, distinguishing them from the promises that […]

by Ken Symington

In the 21st Century, our Generation is facing some difficult choices on how to apply Christianity in the modern world. Are we willing to compromise our beliefs, or will we stand firm in the Word of God? In order to delve into this, Ken Symington takes us through some Church history, challenging us with examples […]

by Nykolay Zagoruiko

Matthew 7:14 talks about the narrow gates which lead to life. But what does it mean to walk the narrow way? This week, Nykolay takes us through 3 stories within the gospels, exploring different examples of what it means to follow and trust in Jesus.

by Paul Watson

In this Sermon, Paul looks at 1 Kings 5 and the story of Elisha and Naaman. As we remember, Naaman was a commander in Aram’s army and had Leprosy. God healed him when he bathed in the Jordan River at Elisha’s request. At the end of this story, Naaman brings dirt home so his can […]

by Andy Taylor

If there was one thing in your life that gave you the most comfort and security, what would it be? How easy would it be for you to give that one thing up if God told you to release it? The truth is, there’s only one thing Jesus wants… and that’s everything! Andy Taylor looks […]

by Paul Watson

In Luke 14, scripture says that large crowds were following Jesus. He turned to them and said something they probably weren’t expecting – he told them the cost of being a disciple, and he asked them to count the cost. Have you counted the cost of being a disciple? Listen as Paul Watson unpacks this […]