by Ken Symington

In the 21st Century, our Generation is facing some difficult choices on how to apply Christianity in the modern world. Are we willing to compromise our beliefs, or will we stand firm in the Word of God? In order to delve into this, Ken Symington takes us through some Church history, challenging us with examples […]

by Diane Watson

How can we apply the Word in our lives today? It is by Grace we are saved, but that doesn’t take away our need for direction. So how do we balance Faith with Works? This week, Diane Watson explores the Ten Commandments, challenging us to grow in righteousness and obedience to God.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Many people see death as a door marked ‘Exit’. But for Christians, actually that door is marked ‘Entrance’. Many people in the world fear death, but for Christians there should be no fear in death. This is only possible through the inheritance that Jesus bought for us on the cross. There will be no more […]

by David Steele

Why do we as Christians sometimes still fear death? Do we need to? How can we be free from it?