by Nykolay Zagoruiko

As Christians, when we made the decision to follow Jesus, we did so knowing to a certain extent, who He was. We had the privilege of the Bible revealing the amazing plan of God and unfolding it within the written Word. But when the disciples chose to follow Jesus, they did not have a Bible […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

In this inspirational talk, Jill challenges us whether we are willing to be a polished arrow ready to be used by God. Often we aim to be in the bow, ready to be used, and can be frustrated by time in the quiver. However, when we are in the quiver, it is a place of […]

by Ken Symington

Everyone has a worldview. Where we grew up and how we grew up will ultimately determine our beliefs and the way we view the world around us! When we enter into a relationship with Christ, the process of our sanctification begins with the process of conforming our fallen worldview to a biblical worldview. Being conformed […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

How will you look back in 2017? Was it a year to remember or a year you’d rather put behind you? However last year went, our goal should always be to honour and serve the Lord. In this first sermon of the year, Jill Southern gives five biblical principles that will help us mature in […]

by Andy Taylor

If there was one thing in your life that gave you the most comfort and security, what would it be? How easy would it be for you to give that one thing up if God told you to release it? The truth is, there’s only one thing Jesus wants… and that’s everything! Andy Taylor looks […]

by Morna Gillespie

Like the ocean waves, our life can be unpredictable. In Acts 14:22 Paul says “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.” With this in mind, we need to make sure that our life is steered and kept by someone far greater than us, that person being Jesus Christ. From her […]

by Paul Watson

During WWII ‘chocolate soldiers’ was a pejorative term for soldiers who looked good, but could not fight and would melt in the heat of battle. Are you a chocolate soldier who will melt in the heat? Christians face the threat of persecution all around the world. Even in the West, we face increasing hostility and […]

by Paul Watson

In Luke 14, scripture says that large crowds were following Jesus. He turned to them and said something they probably weren’t expecting – he told them the cost of being a disciple, and he asked them to count the cost. Have you counted the cost of being a disciple? Listen as Paul Watson unpacks this […]

by Peter Horrobin

Does God answer prayers? We know the answer is yes. What about this question: Does God ever NOT answer prayer? Listen as Peter Horrobin takes us through the scriptures to answer this question, and look at why sometimes it seems that our prayers go unanswered.

by Paul Watson

God has created us with a sense of justice. And when we are treated unjustly or unfairly, then it is our normal response to become upset or angry. But what happens when we feel that God has dealt with us unfairly? Listen as Paul speaks from Matthew 20, the Parable of the Workers in the […]