by Murray Dixon

Using the miraculous testimony of Andrew White ‘The Vicar of Baghdad’, Murray tells us that if the Lord calls, He also equips, provides and fulfills. He encourages us to be serious about our relationship with God, especially as we are clearly in the end times.  

by Darren Gallagher

We are no longer civilians. However, many of us have signed up for a Christianity that has very little fight. Darren uses the British army as an example of what it means to be trained for war, and finds the most incredible similarities between they way the army are trained and how Jesus has told […]

by Ken Symington

Never Give Up! This is Ken’s exhortation to followers of Christ across the world. Ken reminds us that we are in a battle; that the whole world is under the sway of the evil one, and that we will have to persevere if we are to overcome him. Church history is built on a framework […]