by Jilly Lyon Taylor

If anyone knows what we need most, it’s Jesus. That’s why He taught what to pray and also how we should ask for it! The Lord’s Prayer may be so familiar to us that we’ve lost sight of what it tells us about the Father and our relationship to Him as children. Jilly Lyon Taylor […]

by Otto Bixler

In these troubled times, intimacy with God is crucial. Intellectual knowledge of God is not enough. If we struggle to take hold of the truth that God is our Father, then the scriptures give us keys to knowing Him better. Following on from last week, Otto Bixler explains and unpacks the different names of God, […]

by Paul Watson

Jesus came so that we could know the Father. Knowing that we are beloved of the Father is the key to living a full, enriched life for the Lord. It is the antidote to fear & insecurity. Listen as Paul talks about Sonship and what it means for us.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Of all the characteristics of our God… this one has the potential to touch us most deeply. Many of us have been wounded by our human fathers, and even those of us who had good fathers did not have perfect ones. Our perfect Father is able to give us all the love, nurture, protection, provision […]