by Jen Perdriau

Jesus is the light of the world. As Christians, the light of God shines within us and can help others to find faith. This week, Jen brings an encouraging message on light and how we can reflect the light of life onto those around us.

by Morna Gillespie

This is sermon, Morna Gillespie reminds us to keep our eyes looking up to our amazing God.  Sharing about what God taught her during a late night milky way photo shoot, she looks at Psalm 73, and asks the question do I desire God more then anything else.

by Paul Watson

How free do you feel as a Christian? Jesus said, ‘who the Son sets free, is free indeed’, yet we can often slip back under the law and fall into legalism and fear. In 2 Corinthians 3, the Apostle Paul unpacks the glory of the New Covenant, a covenant that sets us free from the […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

God says, ‘I will not give my glory to another’ (Is 42:8). When someone praises us for our work for God, are we taking what should be God’s glory for ourselves? Even just a little bit? We need to point the person to Jesus and what He has done for us every single time, otherwise […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

God longs to reveal His glory to us. In this sermon Jill looks at different ways God shows us His glory and what it means to take time out and be still in His presence. God has promised to manifest His presence among us, are we living in the fullness of that promise?