by Morna Gillespie

This is sermon, Morna Gillespie reminds us to keep our eyes looking up to our amazing God.  Sharing about what God taught her during a late night milky way photo shoot, she looks at Psalm 73, and asks the question do I desire God more then anything else.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Because of what Jesus has done for us, the veil has been torn and we are able to enter into the presence of God. This is a remarkable thing to be treasured, but are we truly entering in? What does this being in God’s presence offer us as believers? Jilly Lyon Taylor looks at Hebrews […]

by Jen Perdriau

In this sermon, Jen Perdriau shares how God had each of our lives in His hand and how we can completely trust in Him. Sometimes, we face situations that don’t go to plan in our lives. Sometime it is a result of ourselves getting in the way, sometimes it is the Enemy blocking us, but […]

by Diane Watson

Do you wonder why we fail to see the power of God working in our lives the way the scriptures reveal? Maybe we need to ask the tough question on whether we truly believe the statement Jesus made in Mark 10:27 when He said: “with God all things are possible”. Diane Watson presents scriptural evidence […]

by Paul Watson

In this sermon, Paul Watson walks through Psalm 138, touching on how we need to sing praises before the “gods”, exalting God’s unfailing love and faithfulness and how God brings down the proud but uplifts the humble and restores those in trouble.

by Paul Watson

Psalm 23 is one of the best-known and most-loved psalms. “The Lord is my Shepherd” is just the first line, but have you ever taken the time to just ponder on the weight and meaning behind that statement? Listen as Paul Watson unpacks that one sentence and the awesome meaning behind it.

by Paul Watson

Jesus came so that we could know the Father. Knowing that we are beloved of the Father is the key to living a full, enriched life for the Lord. It is the antidote to fear & insecurity. Listen as Paul talks about Sonship and what it means for us.

by Jill Southern-Jones

The Third Commandment tells us not to take the Lord’s name in vain. Prepare to be challenged as Jill speaks on the subject of blaspheming God. Why is this commandment important? And do we blaspheme His name sometimes without knowing it?

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Out of all things, God cares about your heart. Listen as Jilly Lyon Taylor unpacks this simple, yet powerful, truth.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

In John 10, Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd. And this is an anology that has been used throughout the Bible. Listen to Jilly Lyon Taylor as she unpacks what it means for Jesus to be our shepherd and for us to be His sheep.