by Jen Perdriau

This week, we delve into how we can exercise our spiritual lives to seek first the Kingdom of God. In order to interact with the physical world around us, we need to use our five physical senses. Therefore, if we want to interact with the Spiritual world around us, we need to learn to use […]

by Paul Watson

Christians like to talk a lot about the Fire of God, but what does the Bible actually tell us when it talks about Fire? This week, Paul Watson explores different ways the word “Fire” is used in scripture, and what that means for us today.

by Russ Gant

God works in seemingly hopeless situations – Is your vision of what God can do in and through you big enough? This week, guest speaker Russ Gant walks us through the well-known passage in Ezekiel 37, where Ezekiel sees God transform a collection of dead, dry bones to into a living army. Join us as […]

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Where do our hearts lie? Do we desire to study and share the Word of the Lord? This week, we look through different points in the Bible, to understand what it means to seek the will of God and to do it. If we draw near to God then he will draw near to us. […]

by Murray Dixon

In this very encouraging sermon, Murray looks at practical examples of how God pours His living waters into our lives and how they are then poured out to others in need.

by David Steele

With his usual enthusiasm for God’s Word, David unpacks what Jesus meant when He said to the disciples in John 16 “it is for your good that I go away”.

by Murray Dixon

Murray speaks about the incredible events from Acts chapter 2 as the followers of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit and then went on to turn the world upside down. He also tells an incredible story about a Grandma who invested in her Grandson’s life in an unusual way!