by Jen Perdriau

We can struggle, as Christians, to sometimes recognize that we all still go through storms in our lives, even after we give everything to God. So how should we weather these storms? This week, Jen digs into the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders, to cement just how important it is to have the […]

by Paul Watson

“… Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength” This week, Paul delves into the book of Nehemiah, looking at how in the midst of challenge and opposition, we can find strength if we turn our eyes to The Lord. While we may face trials for the moment, we can take […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

As Christians, we often like to talk about the fact that God can do the impossible. We know that He is All-Mighty and able to move mountains, but are we ready to believe it? This week, Jill Southern shares the story of Peter’s miraculous escape from prison in Acts 12, as well as some of […]

by Paul Watson

This week, Paul Watson dives into the opening passage of Ecclesiastes 3. This passage provides an incredible encouragement that it’s not wrong for us to face the difficulties and storms. It’s OK not to be OK. But through it all, God is in control, and He has placed eternity in our hearts for a reason! […]

by Jen Perdriau

The Adventure of being a Christian isn’t always easy; Sometimes we may find ourselves overwhelmed, or in a situation that we don’t understand. Looking at Psalm 69, we find that it’s important to recognise this and not to pretend that everything is plain sailing. If we trust in the Lord and ask Him into the […]

by Paul Watson

This week, Pastor Paul dives into the topic of trust – The challenge of stepping out in faith and continually relying on our Heavenly Dad! How content are you to trust in the Lord to provide? What things are you really hoping and praying for? If we try to make things happen ourselves, we may […]

by Paul Watson

Bonus episode this week! For Christians, there is always a goal of doing and achieving the best we can in every situation, and making the most out of every moment. But what about when we face challenges that we we don’t have the power to overcome? God calls us to total reliance and trust in […]

by Nykolay Zagoruiko

This week, we’re looking at the variety of the miracles in the gospels that all happened while the Disciples were on a boat. When we start the journey with Jesus, we can begin to see God make things happen and transform our hearts, but often after walking the narrow road for a while, we can […]

by Russ Gant

This week, guest speaker Russ Gant returns, providing an inspiring introduction to the book of James. This book deals a lot with experiencing hardship and opens with the almost imponderable command that we should react to all problems with pure joy – Not something that sounds easy! However, often when we do experience hardship, those […]

by Morna Gillespie

After finishing an incredible term of NETS, Ellel have received a lot of powerful testimonies recently. Meanwhile, in the Jewish calendar, the festival of Purim was recently celebrated. To reflect on these encouragements, Morna brings an uplifting message on thankfulness and praise.