by Nykolay Zagoruiko

Matthew 7:14 talks about the narrow gates which lead to life. But what does it mean to walk the narrow way? This week, Nykolay takes us through 3 stories within the gospels, exploring different examples of what it means to follow and trust in Jesus.

by Russ Gant

God works in seemingly hopeless situations – Is your vision of what God can do in and through you big enough? This week, guest speaker Russ Gant walks us through the well-known passage in Ezekiel 37, where Ezekiel sees God transform a collection of dead, dry bones to into a living army. Join us as […]

by Diane Watson

Trusting in the promises of God and remembering His faithfulness down through the years is essential when we hit difficult times in our lives. Diane Watson brings an encouraging message, prompting us to never forget that God never fails!

by Gary Gallagher

Who’s righteousness are you trusting in? We’re saved by grace through faith according to Ephesians 2, yet how often do we slip back into a works mentality as we continue with Christ. Gary Gallagher delivers a much-needed reminder of the sufficiency of Christ’s righteousness for us who believe, and how everything we need is from […]

by Paul Watson

When we face unexpected difficulties in life or in our service for God we can get confused. Did we miss God’s calling? Did we mishear Him? Was all our work in vain? In 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul encouraged the Corinthian Church. His firm reminder to them not to believe in vain the death and […]

by Paul Watson

Are you in a state of despair? Fear, doubt and confusion usually follow. They rob us of our peace, suffocate our joy and become blockages in our communion with God. The antidote to despair is hope! Paul Watson shows us from the scriptures that the substance of hope is purely based on God, and all […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

In this sermon Jill looks at the definition of Biblical hope and what it really means to have a hope that is centred in the glory of God. A glory that is uniquely His, that is absolutely certain and in which we can all share.

by Gary Gallagher

Gary asks us an important question – where is our hope? In order to live in the hope that comes from the truth of who God is we need to disentangle ourselves from the every day things that distract us and focus fully and completely on God.