by Diane Watson

The fear of man is a snare that will constantly try to pull us away from being all out for Jesus. We are always living under this fear of trying to meet the expectations that we think others place on ourselves, but when we have Jesus at the center of our focus, every fear fades […]

by Jen Perdriau

Jesus is the light of the world. As Christians, the light of God shines within us and can help others to find faith. This week, Jen brings an encouraging message on light and how we can reflect the light of life onto those around us.

by Jill Southern-Jones

Every believer has a heavenly bank account, one of the benefits of being a son and heir of God. These benefits are not financially based or guarantees for easy living; they are the spiritual benefits of being in Christ. The question is, how often do we make withdrawals? In Ephesians 1, Paul lists the amazing […]

by Gary Gallagher

Knowing something is one thing, doing it is an another! It’s funny how we associate knowledge with progress, when in fact it could be one of our greatest hindrances to maturity. The book of James is full of similar challenges. One well-known command is being doers of the word, not hearers only. Doing from a […]

by Paul Watson

Are you a people pleaser? Can you say ‘No’ to others? Where does this idea of people pleasing come from, and why do we do it? The truth is when we run around trying to please everybody, we end up pleasing nobody. We are called to live for God and please Him, and only in […]

by Paul Watson

What is the key thing that God desires to produce in our relationship and service to Him? Does He want us to proclaim the gospel? To heal the sick? To equip and teach followers of Jesus? The answer to all of these questions is Yes, but Paul Watson presents something even more important: God desires […]

by Paul Watson

One of Satan’s key strategies is to undermine the authority and position God has given to men to govern and steward in all areas of life. The shortage of spiritually mature men in the church seem to confirm the efficiency of his tactics. Paul Watson delivers a passionate message challenging men in the church to […]

by Paul Watson

Who do you think you are? You are more than your past experiences or failures. All of us have an identity in Christ. Knowing our true identity in Christ is the greatest antidote to the lies of the enemy. Paul Watson delivers a powerful message on how believers can take hold of their new identity […]

by Angela Hardy

Those who know their true identity in God are powerful in His Kingdom. In this sermon, Angela uses the story of Moses to show us the journey of discovering our identity that each one of us has to go on in this life. What things have shaped your identity? Perhaps God wants to deal with […]