by Jen Perdriau

Jesus is the light of the world. As Christians, the light of God shines within us and can help others to find faith. This week, Jen brings an encouraging message on light and how we can reflect the light of life onto those around us.

by Nykolay Zagoruiko

As Christians, when we made the decision to follow Jesus, we did so knowing to a certain extent, who He was. We had the privilege of the Bible revealing the amazing plan of God and unfolding it within the written Word. But when the disciples chose to follow Jesus, they did not have a Bible […]

by Derek Puffett

What do you think is the most important question you could ask or be asked? Is it “will you marry me?” or “what’s the purpose of life?” The question itself may seem important, but what gives it value is the answer! Derek Puffett tells us how Jesus’ question to Peter on whether he loved Him […]

by Gary Gallagher

Are you tired? Are you worn out? Are you so busy working for God you’ve forgotten what it really means to rest in God? True disciples of Jesus will be known by their fruit. Yet so often we equate baring fruit with producing fruit. They may sound the same, but the differences are huge. We […]

by Paul Watson

Do you still struggle with guilt and shame? All people sin, and we all fall short of God’s standard. Many of us identify with the Apostle Paul when he speaks of the struggle between the flesh and the spirit: wanting to do the right thing, but not being able to. Thanks to Jesus, we can […]

by Murray Dixon

How often do we come around the communion table and miss the true essence of what the Lord commanded us to do? Murray Dixon unpacks the Lord’s Supper from an Old Testament perspective and teaches how Christ can be found in every aspect of the Passover feast.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

We are the light of the world, not because we have our own light, but because we reflect Jesus Christ, The Light Of The World. There is gathering darkness in these days, but we are God’s people and as it gets darker we need to shine all the more brightly.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

In John 10, Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd. And this is an anology that has been used throughout the Bible. Listen to Jilly Lyon Taylor as she unpacks what it means for Jesus to be our shepherd and for us to be His sheep.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

He is the Great I AM. His name is Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. This is a message rich in biblical truth! Jilly expands on what it means for Jesus Christ to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. As you listen, ask God to speak new revelations into […]