by Andy Taylor

If there was one thing in your life that gave you the most comfort and security, what would it be? How easy would it be for you to give that one thing up if God told you to release it? The truth is, there’s only one thing Jesus wants… and that’s everything! Andy Taylor looks […]

by Derek Puffett

What do you think is the most important question you could ask or be asked? Is it “will you marry me?” or “what’s the purpose of life?” The question itself may seem important, but what gives it value is the answer! Derek Puffett tells us how Jesus’ question to Peter on whether he loved Him […]

by Ken Symington

Are you a Christian or are you just a supporter of Christianity? Is Jesus truly the Lord of your life? The phrase, ‘Jesus is Lord’ is commonly circulated in Christian circles, but how much does it actually change the way we live? Ken challenges us with the words of Billy Graham, “If Jesus is not […]

by Paul Watson

What was your resolution entering into the New Year? Psalm 127 states that ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.’  If you are building according to God’s will, it will happen. If we let God build the ‘house’ then it will have eternal significance. What are we striving to build and […]

by Murray Dixon

God calls His people to take risks in faith. Listen as Murray gives examples of several of God’s servants, both Biblical and modern, who took huge risks of faith, and what God achieved through them.

by Paul Watson

The Bible refers to the people of God as His banner, to be for the display of His splendour. What does this mean? Listen as Paul explains what it means for us to be God’s banner, living for His glory.

by Paul Watson

Jesus often asked those who came to Him the question, “what do you seek?” What is it that you are seeking in life? What are you seeking from God? Why? Take the time to examine your heart, and perhaps re-evaluate the goals and resolutions you have made for this year.

by Otto Bixler

In this sermon Otto looks at the story of Jonah and also draws from experiences in his own life to emphasise how important it is to lay down your will, trust that God is who He says He is and then watch Him work powerfully in every situation you find yourself in.

by Jen Perdriau

This week Jen talks to us about what it means to step back and look at situations from God’s perspective, not from our own. Doing this gives us freedom and courage to walk this journey fully trusting that God has all things firmly in the palm of His hand.

by Jill Southern-Jones

Can you wait for God’s timing? Can you submit yourself to authority? Have you been through the wilderness experience? In this sermon Jill unpacks three important aspects of the Christian life that are especially vital for anyone who feels called to leadership. She begins with the importance of waiting, moves on to the importance of […]