NETS is unlike most other ministry training programmes – it combines biblical teaching, practical training, workshops, mentoring, conferences, personal prayer ministry, worship, discipleship, evangelism and much more to bring a rich understanding and experience on which to build a fruitful life of ministry for Jesus Christ.

by Jen Perdriau

Promises are a very important theme in the Bible, with many people making covenants and statements of intent throughout scripture. But the most important promises to be found come from God. This week, Jen Perdriau takes us through the different promises that God makes in Scripture to his people, distinguishing them from the promises that […]

by Paul Watson

How often do we worry about the things in life that would seem completely normal to the world, but totally absurd to God. If we find ourselves fretting over things like food, clothes and money, there needs to be a re-calibration of our view of God as our provider. Jesus commanded us to “seek first […]

by David Steele

The way we use our money says a lot about who is on the throne of our hearts! In this sermon, David tells us 3 things the Bible says we SHOULDN’T do with money, and 3 things it says we SHOULD do!

by Jill Southern-Jones

Warning: This message may radically increase your faith. The stories Jill shares in this message will give you great inspiration to believe for the impossible, especially in the area of finances! When Jill received the vision to start NETS it seemed way beyond what was possible in earthly terms. Still, Jill moved forward with the […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

If the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, what is at the root of the love of money? Could it be envy? Perhaps we don’t think of ourselves as having a problem with envy, but how often do we see somebody else with something or doing something and rather than […]