by Paul Watson

This week, Paul Watson dives into the opening passage of Ecclesiastes 3. This passage provides an incredible encouragement that it’s not wrong for us to face the difficulties and storms. It’s OK not to be OK. But through it all, God is in control, and He has placed eternity in our hearts for a reason! […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

For this teaching, we look at two of the most iconic miracles in the Matthew’s gospel: The Feeding of the Five Thousand and Jesus walking on the Water. Faith often requires active participation, as we often face decisions that depend on how much we trust in God. Do we have Faith for the impossible? “The […]

by Morna Gillespie

After finishing an incredible term of NETS, Ellel have received a lot of powerful testimonies recently. Meanwhile, in the Jewish calendar, the festival of Purim was recently celebrated. To reflect on these encouragements, Morna brings an uplifting message on thankfulness and praise.

by Jen Perdriau

Promises are a very important theme in the Bible, with many people making covenants and statements of intent throughout scripture. But the most important promises to be found come from God. This week, Jen Perdriau takes us through the different promises that God makes in Scripture to his people, distinguishing them from the promises that […]

by Nykolay Zagoruiko

Matthew 7:14 talks about the narrow gates which lead to life. But what does it mean to walk the narrow way? This week, Nykolay takes us through 3 stories within the gospels, exploring different examples of what it means to follow and trust in Jesus.

by Murray Dixon

How often do we come around the communion table and miss the true essence of what the Lord commanded us to do? Murray Dixon unpacks the Lord’s Supper from an Old Testament perspective and teaches how Christ can be found in every aspect of the Passover feast.

by Jill Southern-Jones

God has a promised land for each one of us, a special plan that only we can enter in to. In this message Jill gives us practical advice from the book of Joshua to help us step into our promised land. Sometimes in order to enter it we must take a giant leap of faith […]