by Diane Watson

Trusting in the promises of God and remembering His faithfulness down through the years is essential when we hit difficult times in our lives. Diane Watson brings an encouraging message, prompting us to never forget that God never fails!

by Morna Gillespie

How often do we give thanks? When we do give thanks, is it an overflow of the heart, or do we feel obligated to be thankful? Listen as Morna Gillespie speaks on the importance of an attitude of gratitude and how it can affect walk with God.

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Are you content with your portion in life? All of us are probably guilty of desiring what we don’t have, while failing to give thanks for the things that we do have. Jilly Lyon Taylor unpacks Psalm 16, in which David acknowledges God as his portion, thus enabling him to be joyful and thankful in […]

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

If you had today only what you were thankful for yesterday, how much would you have? The Bible tells us to give thanks in all circumstances. Is it that God is teaching us to mind our p’s and q’s the way we teach small children? Why? Listen as Jilly Lyon Taylor explains how giving thanks […]

by Murray Dixon

How much did you pay for your bible? £10? £15? Maybe even £25? Did you shed any blood for it? Perhaps we sometimes take the bible for granted in a day when we can purchase one from a shop with no hassle or with the click of our mouse button from the comfort of our […]

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Jilly gives a powerful and uplifting message about giving thanks as she unpacks Psalm 100 in such a fresh way and continues to speak about God’s character and why He loves it when His children give Him the thanks He deserves. This message is guaranteed to lift your spirits as you take your eyes off […]