by Diane Watson

The fear of man is a snare that will constantly try to pull us away from being all out for Jesus. We are always living under this fear of trying to meet the expectations that we think others place on ourselves, but when we have Jesus at the center of our focus, every fear fades […]

by Paul Watson

Christians like to talk a lot about the Fire of God, but what does the Bible actually tell us when it talks about Fire? This week, Paul Watson explores different ways the word “Fire” is used in scripture, and what that means for us today.

by Ken Symington

Walls, fences and hedges are useful in establishing clear boundary lines and protecting the residents within. Similarly, the Bible is full of boundary lines. God’s boundaries were intended to set His people apart as a holy nation and also to protect from the dangers of sin. Ken Symington draws parallels from Nehemiah and the broken […]

by Paul Watson

Are you a people pleaser? Can you say ‘No’ to others? Where does this idea of people pleasing come from, and why do we do it? The truth is when we run around trying to please everybody, we end up pleasing nobody. We are called to live for God and please Him, and only in […]

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, yet how easy it is for believers to miss the true essence of godly fear in comparison to  fear of the world. Jilly Lyon Taylor explores the scriptures and unpacks what the Bible has to say about the fear of the Lord!

by Peter Horrobin

Peter is the Founder and Director of Ellel Ministries International. In this sermon he explains why the person who is ‘living’ without the fear of God is actually not living at all.

by Roger Pook

Our Heavenly Father is a King. We are citizens of a Kingdom. Listen as Roger Pook (Regional Director for Ellel Ministries in Central and Eastern Europe) speaks about what it means to have a Kingdom, and the significance of the Crown, the Sceptre and the Orb. Roger speaks about the correct way to approach royalty, […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

Josiah was a King who started well, continued well and ended well. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, not turning aside to the right or the left. Josiah made sure the temple was repaired and that the people were making their offerings and worshipping God. In Josiah’s 18th year, the […]

by Jill Southern-Jones

Do we have a rightful fear of God today? Do we truly know the revealed God of the scriptures? Jill gives a powerful and very timely message about the Fear of the Lord, how absolutely important it is for us as followers of Jesus, and how that holy fear of God (reverence) flows out of […]