Taster Package Part 1 – Video

Take a moment to ask God to speak to you through the following video, that you may feel His Holy Spirit working within you as He Enlarges the vision for Your life… (if you have seen this video before, scroll down to get your special mp3 teaching sample)


As you watch the video, do you feel any desire to experience the type of things NETS has to offer? Perhaps you’ve been fed up for some time of not feeling equipped to help others yet you desire with all your heart to see the power of God at work?

If that’s you, ask God today to begin to show you that He is more than able to remove any obstacles that might be in the way of you being trained and equipped to fulfill your destiny in Him.



We have prepared a special mp3 sample teaching for you to listen to right now. It’s a 10 minute clip from¬†Jill Southern-Jones about ‘Making Jesus Lord’. Click the play button below to begin!

If the audio player doesn’t work, click here


Do you desire to live on the narrow path that leads to life? Do you want to fulfill all the plans God has for your life NOW, but feel you lack the necessary tools to stop the enemy from holding you back? We want to come alongside you and help you to step out into all that God has for you in the future. We want to help you develop a more intimate, more powerful, and more effective walk with Jesus.


As Jill said, each of us has a unique race to run. Think of it as a marathon… everybody knows that it would be foolish to start a marathon without any training! Do you want to be able to run your race to the end? Our desire is to equip you to run a race of endurance, filled with boldness and confidence in the Holy Spirit. This doesn’t happen by just studying the bible, that’s why the NETS Programme includes lots of practical training. You can get alongside members of our experienced ministry team to watch and learn before it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practise. An adventure awaits you!


Your journey will continue in a few days with an important question for you to consider.

Can’t wait that long?

If you just can’t wait and you want to know more about NETS right now, our full website is packed with info, dates, prices, video teaching, taster events, our full brochure and more – click here to go there now.