Taster Package Part 2 – Bonus MP3

In this short mp3, Peter starts with his vision for a Teaching Hospital and then talks about the difference between a believer and a disciple. Click on the play symbol to begin…

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Do you want to be a believer or a disciple? Do you want to have answers for those people in your life who are in desperate need? You have the opportunity to receive these incredible keys to healing and discipleship. And that’s not all… you will also be able to practically apply everything you learn and see the power of God at work – so you can say goodbye to part-time, powerless Christianity!


So what’s it like there?

Well, imagine being part of a community of passionate believers from all over the world, with one heart and desire to see Christ’s healing and freedom reach a broken and hurting world. Imagine a beautiful 35-acre estate in the heart of the English countryside, buzzing with excitement and with the beauty of God’s creation. Imagine being trained in the truth of God’s word so that you feel confident to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons, and fulfil His Great Commission. What’s that sound? Oh, here they come… here come the broken people for their weekend ‘healing retreat’ who you are about to pray for (alongside an experienced prayer minister of course!). And these people will not leave the way they came…

“When I arrived at Ellel Ministries for my healing retreat I was first overwhelmed with the beauty of the place – God had brought me here, I felt so special! I had problems in my life that nobody seemed to have answers to. The main one was an addiction that I had suffered with for years and was desperate to be free from but had almost lost hope that it was even possible. The prayer ministry team were fantastic – they seemed to understand my problems so well and were able to teach me some life-changing principles from God’s word. And then came the prayer… all I can say is that I was wonderfully delivered from my addiction and even experienced breakthrough in areas of my life I didn’t know needed it! I felt like I had been on God’s operating table for the weekend and He is the great physician! Thank God that what is impossible with man, is possible with God…”

Would you like to be equipped in such a way that the people who come to YOU go away with stories like this? Perhaps you feel you would first like some breakthrough in your own life! It’s incredible how those who come on NETS experience God’s life changing power in their own lives as they realise that the truth they are learning affects them.

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Can’t wait that long?

If you just can’t wait, perhaps you’d like to see photos and video clips of the beautiful place and read the story of how it came into being? Click here.